Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pyrrhon : "Growth Without End"

We reviewed their 2014 an this one finds the New York based band headed in a more intense yet mathematical direction.The songs are short spastic burst not as herky jerky as power-violence or grind core, but it's not until the third song "Mass" that they break the three minute mark.The opener is more like a more death metal version of what Converge does but with more of a meth driven ADD. They go at their instruments like rabid dogs on " Forget Yourself " that finds the only difference aside from lower growls to be a little more blast to things. He uses a more exclamatory vocal tone on " The Mass" that also finds the drums going into a cool tribal break down.The bring a dissonance to the riffs here that I am a big fan of. The drummer really proves his attention to detail with tasteful cymbal work before joining the crazed explosion.

There is a Mike Patton / Jello Biafra craziness to the vocals of "Viral Content" as he keeps up the chant of "We're not saying it I have nothing to say". The song it self is intentionally disjointed and descended into a berserk blur of blasting before they give you room to breath. "Turing's Revenge" breaks the four minute mark making it almost double the length of the other songs on the album.  They slow to a devastating pound at the first minute mark. The guitar locks into a throb that is more sonic than your typical death metal band, They become loose and formless then lock onto a chug to end it.

Where most of the so called deathcore bands attempt something similar to this, Pyrrhon gets it right and understands the beauty in creating ugliness. The production of the album is as in your face as the music that was recorded, not too noisy or lo-fi but balancing out the layers like a Bosch painting. While it's not something that would make its way to my iPod, I can appreciate what these guys are doing and will keep following their work, I'll give it an 8.5, if you like really techy death metal around it up.

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