Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Top 100 albums of the 90s :50 to 41

Ok here the countdown continues , we don't care about the biggest sellers , but albums that have stood the test of time and sound just as fresh today.

50- Jimmyeatworld - "Clarity" Before they hit big on the radio and pushed emo into the mainstream they had already released their best album. Tender and atmospheric , the melodies and harmonies both are filled with wonderment and yearning in equal doses and proves the genre once had actual emotion infused in it and was not about the hair cuts of the proto-hipsters.


 49- Soul Coughing - "Irresistible Bliss" 

 When alternative actually turned out to be an alternative to the current trends at the time. While band's like Cake used a similar quirky narrative, these guys did it with organic trip hop grooves played with real instruments and little button pushing. Mike Doughty's voice has a ton of personality and his non-sensical lyrics were and odd form of poetry. "Soundtrack to Mary" might have been my favorite song on this album , but this one got worn out one drug summer.

 48- Voivod - "Angel Rat" 

 The 90's were a little weird for Voivod because having been ahead of their time, it felt like with "Nothingface" they had already been there and done that, in fact Soundgarden and Faith No More opened for Voivod when those bands were poised to break through. You can touches of Killing Joke in what would be one of Voivod's rare stabs at having a more   radio friendly sound , though it is still steeped in the prog they had begun to explore on "Dimension Hatross".


47-Satchel- "EDC"

 If Prince decided to make a shoegaze album it might yield similar results. Shawn Smith's other project Brad might have been more popular due to having one of the guitarists from Pearl Jam involved, but this album was hands down better than Brad's "Shame" album. Ethereal but still possessing plenty of groove and soul and they even rock out when called for. If you get too stoned it might seem like a concept album about Reservoir Dogs are samples from the movie crop up
through out.


  46-Ours - "Disorted Lullabyes"

Jimmy Gnecco's voice resembles Jeff Buckley's, but he rocks out more frequently than Buckley with no family ties to folk music and a taste for writing from a darker place as he explores things like addiction in his lyrics. Post-grunge his music really stands up well with time and could have come out last week.


  45-Neurosis - "Souls at Zero" While some people will swear by their more punk rooted "Pain of Mind" this is the album that put them in my radar. It's more melodic and darker than "Through Sliver and Blood" which is clearly more of a metal album where this one is more of an inner apocalypse.


  44- Screaming Trees -"Sweet Oblivion" One of the more introspective albums from the grunge era. The thing that struck that me about these guys is they didn't just seem like punk band that wore flannel. Mark Lanegan's Morrison like croon helped separate them from their peers.

  43- Siouxsie and the Banshees-"Superstition"

She might have been the queen from the 80s , but Siouxise transitioned well into the following decade with this album being her crown jewel.


42- Deftones- "Around the Fur" Chino and the boys took a step away from rap-rock on this one and helped to set themselves apart from the nu-metal scene their friendship with Korn wrongly placed them in. Their song writing hit the next level with this one.


  41-Killing Joke- "Pandemonium" The 80s post-punk war lords returned to show all the industrial bands that popped up in their wake how it was done. This album is one of their best and always a timeless listen


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