Friday, August 21, 2015

Grime : "Circle of Molesters"

Straight outta Italy this sludge ridden grind-core band is nasty like Eyehategod smoking meth with Graves At Sea while being run over by a tank. Their screamer sounds like he is on the verge of losing both his mind and his voice. Once again these guys have the benefit of taking you by storm on the first song just out of sheer heaviness and then you are asking can you write songs or just make noise when it's time to hear the rest of the album. It slows down to an almost doom lumber and lower vocals roar in ,but the lack of melody makes me think these guys better pulls out some tricks before long or this is all going to sound the same. There is more of a death metal oppression in the onslaught of "Decay in Hades". It is full chug ahead that is hammered into you skull. The slow some of the punches creating a very effective shift in tempo. The guitar sound is easily as dense as Disma's.

There is a steam roller groove to "Sulphorous Dreams" it shifts momentum while maintaing the same level of venom to its temper tantrum.The accelerate back into a more death metal pace and then rein the chug back in.It's pretty impressive if you just need to keep beating your self in the temples with a hammer when you put you head phones on. "Acclerating Transition" lives up to my prediction and comes across like an extention of the previous song. Sure, the riff is mean , but the rule here is mean riffs alone does not make a good song. With "Salvation Come From Below" it is obvious we have moved onto another song. The fuzz out...I'm guessing bass here , but every thing is tuned so low it is hard to tell. The hit you with same intensity and the screamed vocals at this point all sound the same , kinda like rap where it is just hitting the beat at different times. The lyrics are brutal I am sure but you can not make out a single word even when you listen closely. The lower growls double up toward the end when the double bass picks it up into more of a death metal tempo.

The close out the album with "Orgiastic Rite" which is a new song but more of the same old they have been beating you with for the rest of the album. Granted it's the last song so they have to go out with a bang, but like you learned in the movie "This is Spinal Tap" when you are at ten where else is there to go. The answer is nowhere. So the heaviness that blew your mind on the first song, has numbed you out once we reach the close.They might be at a ten when it comes to heaviness, but I'll give this album a 6.5, you can round it up if all you need is something heavy as fuck.


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