Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Lips : "Dirt"

Always  hunting into every shadowy region to find new dark music  this ep comes from a gloomy indie rock band from Minsk, Belarus. The verses coast along like Sonic Youth. They have a lo fi reverbed out sound that some how manages to not impede the delivery of their superb guitar tone which can jangle its way into a rowdy wall of sound. The second song starts with guitar so muted and a slight change of pace that makes it seem as if it is an extension of the first song. It has more of a surf rock drive and the baritone vocals bellowed in the distance are the most post-punk element of their sound." Self Defense" put the groove on cruise control as they guitars glide over the simple yet effective drumming, which builds up into something more pounding in a section where the chorus would be if they did not adhere to such an organic let the song go where the riff wants to approach.

The guitars take on a more abrasive chiming on "Aliens gubya" . Breaking down for the bass which is way far back in the mix for most of the album to step forward a little. Some of the punches are cool, but this song is much more chaotic than the previous songs on the album and reminds me of Sonic Youth's noisy early days. "Hat" closes off this five song ep, it's somewhere in between their noisy side and their dark indie rock, with the vocals moaning out from the background.

I'll give this album a 7.5, these guys have potential, most of the album feels like you are just sitting in a listening to them jam in their parents basements. I really appreciate at atmosphere they are creating and give them props on their guitar sound. I would be down for keeping an ear out for how this band progresses, since while this is generally more indie rock than post-punk there is still some drive and balls to this, not mention how moody it is.  We are playing a little catch up here as this album came out back in January.

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