Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Top 100 albums of the 90s :40 to 31

Ok here we go, you know the deal. We do not give a fuck about what album sold what or if it was on Mtv or not, we care about what has stood the taste of time. 

40-Only Living Witness -"Innocents"

The best post-hardcore band you never heard. Their singer can actually sing his ass off and their song have hooks and are in your face. Jonah would later lend his voice to a Converge song.Their drummer who also wrote most of their songs died in 2011 which was several years after the band had broken up.

39-  I Mother Earth - "Scenery and Fish"

 This Canadian band was often written off as Jane's Addiction wanna-bes, due to the trippy sonic nature of their music and the singer's high raspy and heavily effected vocals on their first album. Their second was huge step forward in terms of songwriting for the band. The band had a strong cult following, by those in the know.


38- Porno For Pyros "s/t"

 Perry Ferrel's post Janes band. Steven Perkins was also on board. The first album had more rock to it. People always think of the song "Pets" which garnered the most radio play, but it was "Cursed Female" that had the most sleaze ridden drug fueled passion to it and that is what we wanted from music out of this decade.

37- Sound Garden -Badmotorfinger

Why is Soundgarden so low you ask? Well this album is arguably better than "Superunkown" which despite a few darker moments was another steps towards a more commercial direction. When I first got this album I threw the tap out of the window because I thought the guitar playing sounded too much like Van Halen. It took it a minute to grow on me.


36-Danzig - "Lucifuge"

Yes the first album is better but it came out in the 80s. This one was coated in blues and had a more rock n roll feel to it, despite the fact that all the metal kids ate it up when it was released. Another album that grew on me over time.

  35-Acid Bath-"When the Kite String Pops" These New Orleans sludge legends are one of the few bands who is able to appear on this list twice, because their shit is so good it can not be denied.

34-Ben Folds Five -"Whatever and Ever Amen"

One of the best post -Elton John pianists who can also write a mean pop song. Moody and cynical, the ballads are honestyly emoitve. Ben Folds might not be Freddie Mercury , but he knows how to use his voice.


33-Kyuss - "Welcome to Sky Valley"

The band most modern sludge and stoner rock bands owe big time. Pre- Queens of the Stoneage Josh Homme, his fuzzy desert guitar sound was in full effect for this album. The soulful vocals of John Garcia were one of a kind.


  32-Tool- "Undertow"

 Now we are well into the albums that you can get endless listens out of. Very tense with sinewy guitar slithering through the labyrinth the bass line weaves under Maynard's sensitive drill Sargent approach. The songs are all very tight and well written but get beaten out by another one of the band's albums."I have found some kind of temporary sanity from this shit , blood and cum on my hands."

31- Depeche Mode - "Violator

 This one hardly needs an explanation and perhaps it should even rank higher. This was my I have been up all night on drugs and now I am watching the sun rise album.


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