Friday, August 28, 2015

Fuck the Facts : "Desire Will Rot"

Truth be told this is the first time I have ever sat down and given this Canadian band who gets  labelled as grindcore a chance. Honestly the first thing that comes to mind  upon hearing them is for a band that is supposed to be grind core they are really beginning to sound like Converge. From what I heard about the band, is they have been evolving over the years This one has twists and turns. Very gnarly bass lines pummeling the drums, but they have some actual metal chops here and none of the raw abrasion that I was expecting from this typical rough around the edges sound.The really straight forward blasting hardcore, can get old quick if they don't switch gears with the quickness of power violence. There is actual groove to " the Path of Most Resistence"  They do what some of the djent like death metal bands such as Thy Art is Murder in layering more melodic guitar over the rougher passages to create ambiance.

It bears noting that Mel Mongeon has really blurred the genre lines. Her shout is just as  husky and rough as any male hardcore screamer's . Aside from being better to look at than some dude in a hoodie with neck tattoos, she makes her gender a mute point. "La Mort" comes in two parts but could very well be one song. The layered melodic guitar that is shredding around this is pretty similar in each part, the second part lets the chords it bangs out toward the end ring out. "Prey" doesn't bring much new to the table that we haven't already heard on this album. There is more of a death metal frenzy to the attack they hit "Storm of Silence " with. They latch onto another hooky chugged groove on "Solitude".  They have more of a punk attack on "False Hope". They make the most out of feed back in a few of the break. It even breaks down into a bass line which works its way into being a pretty powerful metal riff.The guitars harmonize and bring in a much more classic metal feel.

"Circle " opens with clean male vocals sweeping in on a cavernous cloud of ambiance. Then things go a little wonky as the song takes a jarring turn in a noisy experimental direction. Feels more like an interlude than a actual song. They don't blast into the closing song and are heavier for it.  The male gang vocals and the Fugazi meets Neurosis hesitancy in the opening riff is one of the albums best moments. Overall they get the job done, not all of this is my thing, so I will give it a 7, but if you are a fan of the band you will consider it an 8. br />

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