Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Top 100 albums of the 90s :10 to 1

So here we are at the end, ultimately these are the ten albums I get the most playtime out of with the top 6 still in my iPod and the others shuffling in and out of it, which considering how much new music I ingest on a daily basis says something about their staying power.

 10- Faith No More - "Angel Dust"

When I saw these guys live last month this fact became more than evident. They hit their peak with this one as the bar was raised way to high.


9-Janes Addiction- " Ritual De Lo Habitual"

 This was pretty close with "Angel Dust" , but the song "3 Days" gives it the edge. The radio songs just skim the surface and if they are all you have heard you are doing yourself a disservice.


8-Mr Bungle- S/T

If it was not for this album " Angel Dust" would have never come about.Mike Patton never sounded better.

7-Radiohead- "Ok Computer"

"Kid A" is a close second, but this one sounds good even if I was not on drugs at the time, though when this album came out those moments were few and far between. Yorke's voice is great , but at the end of the day its about the songs and they stand the test of time for sure.

6-Tool- "Aenima"

 When this album came out it was played at least once a day, any one who was getting stoned to me in the mid 90s will attest to this. This was more of Tool vs Tool , and this beat out "Undertow" because there are more dynamic layers.

5- Type O Negative -"October Rust"

 More goth than metal, then layers of this album are amazing, if you are going to get high, then sit between two speaker and listen to this loudly. One of the best produced and written albums ever. Peter Steele's voice also had more depth and passion.


4 - Swans- "Love of Life

 This beat Tool out, because the songs don't take you back to when the album came or feel hampered by how the perception of heavy changes over time, Tool was great, but doesn't seem all that heavy anymore, these guys invoke the same feeling of awe every time played.


3- Morrissey - "Vauxhall & I "

 This album came close to being almost as good as The Smiths. If you accept Moz on his own two feet then this is without a doubt some of his best singing and songwriting.


2- Cocteau Twins- " Heaven or Las Vegas"

 Heaven should be in this album's title because that is what it sounds like, really the almost 80s drum sound which you almost don't notice once Elizabeth starts singing, is the only thing that gave the number slot the edge as they are not confined to any passage in time.

1- Dead Can Dance- "Into the Labyrinth

 These guys are their only competition, so by process of elimination "A Passage in Time" is a compilation and this album is better than "Spirit Chaser". These songs defy time, they could have come out two hundred years ago , and some did or 200 years in the future and it doesn't matter they just happened to have been released in the 90s when this project was at it's peak.


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