Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Otargos: Apex Terror

For a band whose last album "No Go No Satan"  had some of the most lacerating guitar sounds of any black metal album, this album is too slick and commercial for it's own good. It almost doesn't even sound like the same band, in fact I would lump this in along side Behemoth as blackened death metal. The title track that opens this thing has a punishing almost industrial pound to it , but it all feels to clean. The solo sound like the could be on a Meshuggah album. So its not to say it isn't well played, it just lacks the originality in its brutality the last album had.

"Fleshless Deathless" sounds almost just like "Where the Slime live" and its not the only place you can find t he post-Covenant Morbid Angel influence, which at least means you know their drummer can play. This song has a good groove its not just what I want to hear from these guys.When they do blast off for nastiness, it lacks the dense grit they use  to have and makes it sound more like thrash. This is competent playing but it sounds like every one else, even when on "For Terra" he goes into his lower growl. There is some smart catchy writing which "Remnant of a Long Dead Star" is a testament to. They play on a lot of the same strengths Behemoth does in the strong syncopated grooves but without all the pageantry. So if Behemoth is to grandiose for you then these guys might be your speed.

They wink at industrial with out really committing and go back into half hearted blasting roars in "Fallout" . There are similar elements to "Drone" as well, samples in between pounding pulses before the main riff fires off like a Dissection gallop.They give the song room to breathe, which defies the almost claustrophobic sonic rending of their last album but at this point in what they are doing its a wise change of pace.The fluctuation they use in dynamics on "Aftermath Hyperion" find back back in Behemoth's backyard, though the abrasive assault of the verses do feel the closest they come to their former glory, but its still more on the death metal side of the fence. There is also the punk tinged sneer on "Versus" where they tell the world to fuck off . I'll give this album a 5 as it's well played for what it is , and there is certainly a market for that it's not as unique as their former glory and nothing sets this album apart for me.

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