Friday, July 19, 2013

Varg is Free

After spending two days in a French jail Varg Vickernes is free. He was arrested at his home in the French village of Salon-la-Tour, basically for having a copy of the manifesto written by Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway two years ago.
Vikernes is of course a nationalist , but has not shown any ties with Breivik in the past nor has he really had anything positive to say about him. The only thing I find strange is that Varg was in France in the first place other than the fact his wife is French,  since he is so proud of his homeland why go to France  or is the right wing more relaxed than when I left and we are no longer trying to rid the Homeland of the christian influence from back when the corrupt kings decided to adopt christianity in order to gain the favor of England and open the trade roads. Rulers have been using religion not only to manipulate their people but influence diplomatic relations, America does it. What President has claimed to be a member of some flavor of Christianity? Obama was even a member of a radical pentacostal church whose pastor was a racist, though in America racism is o.k if you are the member of a minority  that is seen as having been oppressed. 
So ...Varg is with his wife in France, she buys four rifles, and she is  part of a gun club in France so has a thing for them, but after the purchase they are suspected of stock piling weapons for some sort of mass terrorist action and labelled as being Nazis. The Paris prosecutors office admitted they found no evidence Vikernes was plotting a terrorist attack .The charges are now reduced to inciting racial hatred.
Now... if those charges were enforced here in America, almost every Rapper would be in prison, but most main stream sites are still quick to call Varg a Nazi. Norway was allied with the Nazi's in World War 2 , not that they had a lot of choice in the matter, but when you are an entire country that embodies Hitler's racial ideal, they weren't going to just give Norway a pass because of Hitler's Viking envy. Even metal sites like the Jewish run Metal Sucks are going to be quick to label Varg a nazi and make snide commentary because they don't know the difference between national pride and racism, or even if we were going to say Varg is racist, does that make him a Nazi?  Does Germanic Neo-Paganism make someone a Nazi just because there is some shared mythos. 
We can debate this all we want but this whole thing stinks like a witch hunt to me. 

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