Sunday, June 30, 2013

All Pigs Must Die : Nothing Violates This Nature

This Boston based  band  contain members of The Hope Conspiracy and Converge, and make me wonder if they purposefully named themselves after a Death In June song. From the first song the come on full force in a manner not unlike Converge or other hardcore bands from the 90's though there are flourishes of death metal found in the picking which often switches from tremolo picked to quickened chugs and gallops. The pace stays the same until the third song "Primitive Fear" where more of a groove is developed.

"Silencer' the tone remains the same, perhaps its a little less death metal in the guitars approach. The vocals are not a metal growl but stay some where around beings a coarse forceful hardcore yell. The moments where it does go into more of a scream they tend to fall lower in the mix.

The first hint of anything of a melodic nature is at the beginning of " Bloodlines" the chords are allowed to ring out in a manner somewhere between Slayer and Converge. The melody continues on " Of Suffering" as the guitar takes a cleaner creepy sound to lead into the song.  The guitars and vocals take on a more deliberate pace , calling it doom  would be an exaggeration of the term. The guitar tone here reminds me a little of Bloodlet. The chant of "who will wage the war" had the power of the riff behind it

"Holy Plague"  for the bulk of the song is straight ahead disposable hardcore until the song's last movement that takes on a more sonic punch, the one minute "Aqim Siege" and " Sacred Nothing" both  follow a similar but more abbreviated route.  But I think this band is more effective when they are powerfully paced with more thoughtful chugging. "Faith Eater" keeps things in  more punk tempo and the opportunity to put some heft in the song doesn't present it'self until the songs final min. " When Articles of Human Weakness" closes out the album the need for speed is numbed out making the straight snare hit more annoying than not.  

I'll give this album a 5 as the punk elements tend to bog the more creative moments. This album is well produced and they find some good guitar tones with a perfect blend of  grit and ambiance, but it boils down to do cool riffs make a song much less an album. Fans of  hardcore can give this album another point but I feel the most recent Integrity album does this better.  

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