Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly Shuffle

o,k you know the deal I click the ipod and review the first ten tracks that pop up, This one should be a little more upbeat than last weeks.

"What in the World " by David Bowie

Oh, Dave you get so wacky when you hole up in Berlin on a bunch of cocaine. His voice sounds great even singing over a bunch of video game bleeps. He's high and happy. The guitar on here is pretty crazy and sounds like a precursor to Scary Monsters.

" Is it Really So Strange" by the Smiths

Wow, two weird love songs in a row. Moz wants you to punch and kick him. He also got confused and killed a horse. Love does crazy shit. It's strange. Is it their best song? No but it's fun,

"God" by Prince

It always amuses me how he goes from singing about masturbating to god at the drop of his purple hat. He hits shrill fucking not at the beginning but this one he mainly wanders and gets self indulgent on the gospel number of sorts.

"Start of the Breakdown" By Tears for Fears

This must be my all 80's installment, Which I don't care asthe best pop music came out in this decade. This songs deviates from the radio hits you know from this band. They have some darker moments than this but this one is pretty good, the keyboards are oddly all over the place and the vocals hold it down the bass line is pretty awesome.

"the Evil that Men do" by Iron Maiden

Well here's some metal but we are still in the 80's even if its 88. I  think Seventh Son is awesome and if you think you are too cool for it you don't know shit about shit so I can careless but if you can't play air guitar to this you are taking life too damn seriously.

"Warm" by Swans

The beginning piano line almost sounds like the Fray to me of course when the song fades in it of course doesn't as this is the best band ever even when Jarboe is singing. I miss her in the mix live, but they are more about the sonic pounding these days. I like here how the drums hint at building but let things float by until the last two minutes.    

"Lorraine" by King Dude

I haven't given this album as solid of a listen as I should. I am certain this guy is stoned out of his mind while he recorded this . It borders on alt country . It kinda has the Ween thing going in the sense where this is not being done in any sense of seriousness. Don't see this lasting too much longer in my ipod .

"Lepers Among Us" by  Dimmu Borgir

The verse riff is worthy of the top fifty metal riff of all time. Now that I have typed it I have to follow through I know . They Keyboard break where the sample comes in is pretty awesome and I love the effects on Shagrath's voice after that section.

"Playing With Dolls" by Slayer

One of the few songs I like off of "World Painted Blood" . The serial killer songs are my favorite by these guys and this one isn't as dark of a power ballad as say "Dead Skin Mask" but it is moody enough, there is some pretty innovative guitar on here and they are not defaulting to playing punk rock. There are some uptempo sections but overall I think this song is pretty balanced.

"Circumstances" by Rush

One of my favorite Rush songs, the chorus has a lot of bit to it and Geddy gets in your face with it . The vocal syncopation is what has the punch as they aren't really playing  2112  heavy/ The bass is getting busy and Neil is pretty tasteful here.  The end floats towards the realms of elves but that's Rush for you.

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