Thursday, July 27, 2017

the Mentors : "the Illuminaughty"

I hope these guys are not playing shirtless in hoods now that they are old and gray. The problem here is that El Duce is dead. So replacing him is problematic despite the fact the bassist and guitarist are still in the band. For guys who have been playing since 1976, I expect a little more prowess when it comes to playing their instruments. The production is punk like in it's careless attitude. It's hard to imagine that this was once considered heavy metal. In 2017 as song like "Good In Bed" comes across as being kind of juvenile. The only redeeming quality it that I think in theory we need rape rock since, the world these days is too full of politically correct bullshit. Lyrically your average trap rap pushes the boundaries more than "More than Your Mouth Can Hold" . If the vocals are not slathered in effects, they are more spoken and pretty terrible.

"Keep Your Bitch" under control is just a message that gangsta or as the kids say today trap rap pumps out all the time, so the shock value of what they do just isn't there. The groove to this song sounds like old guys playing in the basement trying to learn "Mississippi Queen". But aside from the amateur solos this song is better than most so far. "Grab Her By the Pussy" is an ode to Donald Trump. The lyrics are more about Billy Bush. "The Sluts Are Back " is almost laughable, which is the value of the album. I would put it on for my friends to laugh at how stupid it is. The first song where the guitars are trying to write and actual song is "Lovin You  Really Sucks" . The singer makes one of his first attempts at singing. The main problem is the phrasing of the lyrics is awkward, which is strange considering he is a drummer. He does take on a lower more growled tone for "King of the Castle" obviously a feminist anthem. There is a more punk feel to "Get Down and Fuck". If the Ramones were retarded old men they might have written "Do You When I Wanna" The intro to "Screwin In the Church" makes it seem like they were trying to write a real song , until the vocals come in a fuck things up.Then they go into more of a Stooges like thing for "Watch Her Naked" . They try to actually sing more on the chorus. Overall this album only has a few moments , most of the songs just sound amatuer and from some one who is considered a cult classic , we should expect more from them or they should never try to do this without El Duce, which might be the more reasonable option. I'll give this a 4.


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