Saturday, July 15, 2017

Punk Goes Pop Vol 7

In the case of the first song this proves to be redundant as the band is supposed to be pop punk, but they are more on the pop side to begin with. This is the case with State Champs. They do a decent job, it's almost like the original but with guitar. Dance Gavin Dance, who I'm not a fan of to begin with though the guitar does some interesting jazz like phrasing on the verse. The screamed vocals on the verses just suck. So it's up to the guitar to save the day. New Years Day isn't a punk band even by Myspace standards. They do how ever do a pretty decent job of "Gangsta". The Amity Affliction has a tough rough with "I Can't Feel My Face" since I actually like the original.The end result is rather middle of the road. The barking harsh vocals sound obligatory and almost the only element giving them an edge. So it's another case of here is what this would sound like with guitar. Then there is the god awful thing that happens with Andy Simms who makes the Frozen version of "When We Were Young" that is just terrible.

Grayscale must be Justin Beiber fans they play a pretty dead on version of "Love Yourelf" that builds into the Myspace pop punk thing. I am not familiar with "Fake Love" , but it seems Capsize do a pretty go version of it that will appeal to teenagers in the burbs. Boston Manor takes on "Heathens" . I am not familiar with the original, but I am not really feeling their performance. Eat Your Heart Out really nail their interesting take on "Shape of You". Which is why I like these albums as they take a song I already like and give it an interesting twist, true to the original but with their own color. Which is the purpose of covers unless you are a tribute band. I am sure I have heard "Let it Go" before. I can say that the singer of the Plot in You, has a great voice. It borders on being the kind Nickelback rock I don't like, but in this context works.

The pressure is on Ice Nine Kills with "I Don't Want to Live Forever" as it's Taylor Swift. It's pretty typical Myspace metal, the vocals handle the chorus pretty, there is none of Zayn's falsetto. The Bass tone is a little flat. But I guess I can live with this version , maybe not forever. Seaway's version of "Closer" felt like it was there own. I have heard the original , but like they way the owned this one. The singer of Too Close to Touch is obviously a big queen who got too into singing "In the Name of Love". The keyboard melody in the background is a little obnoxious and while they do a good job of this it's not my favorite song. I'll round this up to a 7.5, as some bands killed others failed big time or just dialed it in so it's a mixed bag, I'll just take the songs I want and delete the rest.

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