Monday, July 17, 2017

Android Lust : "Berlin"

So in holding to the theme of creating a sound track of sorts for various cities, this one is Berlin. It sounds more Blade Runner and I typically don't think of Berlin as being so futuristic, maybe Japan. There is a cold starkness to it that feels right and this is juggled with a thick swathe of atmosphere. The first things that feels like a song is three tracks in . It is carried by a future pop bass line. Shikhee's layered vocals have an almost chanted quality to them. The song oddly drones as most as it grooves. The production is interesting and I recommend listening to this album through headphones as it's well panned. "Insects" is more tense. I am not sure if feels like Berlin. Some of the layered vocals have a more anguished tone to them. The groove and the ghostly vocal melody work together to make  "Heart Tunnel" really work. "Crawl" is more timid with the mood having a more subtle creeping feeling to it.

"In Memory" is an instrumental with an interesting beat, it might linger in the soundtrack atmosphere to much to be more than an interlude and not something I would listen to cruising around on my Ipod. Vocals return for the thick atmosphere of "Plaza Steps". Lyrically it seems like there is personal attributes as she is singing about something some one said , is this a person or the city? The beat shifts to something more club-centric. After a minute and a half of sounds we get into the thick of "Madness in Men". The vocals are more hushed and focused on the poetry of her words rather than melody until we get to what would be the chorus.

The album ends with the instrumental "Eventide". Which is pleasant background music, I just wish this album had more actual songs, many of the songs on this albums are great to pretty decent so would like to hear more from her, considering time can pass between albums with this project. For what this is I will give it an 8.5. It is certainly worth another listen or two as it is well crafted and a success for her, though I am split as it's not really 100 percent what I want from this project but I might be stuck in 90s industrial anyway.

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