Thursday, July 27, 2017

Make Them Suffer : " Worlds Apart"

Death Core or Metal core or whatever the kids are calling it these days is not typically my thing. It tends to be masturbatory and only focuses on aggression, basically today's version of mall metal. So I was surprise when the first track off this Australian band's new album caught my attention. They have a more organic feel. I understand why purists of the genre might not find them heavy enough, but I think that is there saving grace. The fact the clean vocals are female give this another dimension. I think what they do right is make heavy another color to make music with rather than the totality of what they do. Not to say they are not heavy in a metallic sense. The have gruff vocals that are screamed a forceful hardcore like manner. Not quite a death metal growl, that tends to come at the end of phrases. "Grinding Teeth" kinds breezed past me and didn't keep my attention after the melodic guitar intro as it went into the chugging and seemed like nu-metal. The songs begin working off more of a formula once we get to "Vortex". "Fire Works" might be more screamed but where the song goes finds a similar path though the melodies in the previous song are stronger.

The do develop more of a groove for "Power Overwhelming" . The more 90's metal thing occurs on "Midnight Run". I think this is because the way the male vocals are phrased in the verses come too close to rapping. It's not Bio-Hazard bad, but seems more focused on getting a pit going. The guitar do some clever tricks and their drummer is pounding it into the pocket, but that is what comes with the job description ,so I am not going to praise someone for something they should be doing in the first place. What I want to hear is what makes you stand out from the rest. "Dead Plains" is a pretty solid song for what it is. It is more on the death metal side. Then there is more of Myspace era core on the last song. I can hear where these guys step into more of a Dark Tranquility place, if we are talking about the Swedish band's more recent work.

I'll give this album a 7.5 , it's pretty decent for what it is and the most listenable album I have heard recently from this sort of thing.The reason it didn't score higher , for all it's strengths like the stellar production is what it is just isn't my thing so I don't think I would get much play out of this. If this is your thing you will probably round it up to an 8.

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