Monday, July 18, 2016

Naga : " Inanimate"

The  third album from this Italian trio opens up with a throb showing that it's possible to still be a doom band and not have to crawl along, it's about as fast as a band wants to be without crossing over into sludge. Very hateful mood carries a darker attitude than many black metal band who lose the mood because they are so preoccupied with blast beats.These are ten minute songs, but there is not much in terms of fat to trim so I can hang with that. "Hyele" some how manages to get even heavier than the first song. The verses give the sog a little room to breathe and a slight atmosphere, but they return to crush you. Production wise there is a very raw and dirty sound that still sounds big without feeling like they are crowded into their practice space recording this. The guitars are very nuanced with melodies rather than just beating you with a slab of distortion.

 They do summon up a denser rumble and pick up the pace on the more sludge like "Loner". The pace causes this song to clock in at only four minutes. It's much more straight forward with the dry midrange harsh yells mixed back into the guitars. This falls somewhere between Motorhead and Hell Hammer. I prefer when this riff slows a little mid way into it before churning back up the momentum. They are back to an uglier and burlier groove on their cover of "the Money Will Roll Right In". They lock in on this one and ride it into a chaotic darkness, that owes little to it's grunge roots. I;ll give this album a 9.5. It's what I want out of bands that go in this direction. Dark as it is dense and not so rough around the edges that it loses it's ambiance and kills the mood. If you like doom with teeth and devoid of Black Sabbath worship these guys got ya.


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