Thursday, July 21, 2016

Abigail : "the Final Damnation"

The 6th full length from the band who proclaims themselves to be most evil band in Japan. The bar is pretty low for that title. They like to think of themselves as black metal, but they are more of a raw thrash. They have been around since 92, so they Slayer and Possessed influences make sense. Both of those band's were often seen as the first wave of black metal along with Venom. Their attitude is similar to Venom as this is pretty much party metal. The vocals remind me a a mix between early Exodus and Megadeth. Guitar solos that would be shredding on a punk album seem to crawl out from every corner of these songs.

They get more melodic for "Whiskey Coke Bitch". The solo section that consumes the middle of the song is much more rock n roll. The more melodic embellishments continue on " Sex& Metal". There is some attempts to sing on this one that are similar to the attempts made on some of the latter Darkthrone albums. "Open the Gates of Hell" is kind of bland and comes across as filler . "No Pain No Limit" is more of a punk song with obligatory gang vocals chiming in. They invoke "Bonded By Blood" era Exodus on "Sweet Baby Metal Sluts" , which I am not sure refers to the album of the same name or the band of school girls? Things don't get blasting until the last song. There is a melodic little solo section than works well to darken things up and overall this is the most black metal song on the album. So there evil intentions are somewhat suspect and childish at worst.

I'll round this album up to a 7, it's fun. There is not much depth to it, but if you are punk rocker who is trying to get into metal then I can see how this would be a pretty solid entry point to you if you have already skipped out on early Slayer. This album is being released August 15th on Nuclear War Now !

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