Friday, July 15, 2016

ACxDC : " the Oracles of Death"

Anti-christ Demon-core thinks of themselves as more of a hard core band, but they are on the punk side of grind core. "Heretics" is more like a grind core version of Minor Threat as they scream about "fuck religion, it's all shit". Not giving a fuck is a common lyrical theme that continues to be espoused on "Death Rattle". It took a few listens for their sound to wear on me. Sometimes it falls a little flat, like with "Abuse" which I wasn't as feeling as much as the first couple of songs. A song like "Abuse' which is 47 seconds just falls between the cracks. "Complex" is more metal in it's intentions, but I am not sure that it equates to their strongest suit. But it does work better than the 42 second outburst of "Shoot First".

"D.I.O" is a spastic minute of abrasive lashing. "LightBringer" and the other under a minute explosions that follow really don't have anytime time to develop into anything. This album reminded me to go download another copy of S.O.D's "Speak English or Die".Of all of the under a minute songs on this "Asocial" is the best.It is much better than "Prometheus". "Acedia" seems like a sprawling epic at a minute and a half.  The part where he is yelling about wishing he was fucking dead is pretty cool, not sure about the rest of the song.  I think Nails stomps these guys, though the more I listened to this album the better it got. I'll still give it a 5.5, that's the thing about this kind of grind , they never turn any of these ideas into full fledged songs. It's not surprising they fit 14 of them on a 7 inch.

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