Sunday, July 17, 2016

Meek is Murder : 'Was"

The Brooklyn trio returns and the first song is about a minute making it almost as grinding as it is hardcore. Almost like a more spastic and less powerful version of what Nails does . The next minute and a half of "FlagShips sounds like these two were part of a longer song that got chopped in half to make two songs. Even though the winding dissonance of "Hands Down" can be more appealing, the fact it's only a minute never allows it to establish into an actual song. There is a catchier punk jangle to " the Same Mistakes" that make this song work where the others have fallen short. While these guys are not as dark as Converge, you can hear their influence on "We're Only Ghosts". The guitar player proves himself to be pretty decent on this one. There is a little more groove to "Crows by the Bay" and the guitar tone on this song is pretty awesome. This is what separates this album from your average grind core band, the album is actually well produced and not filled with haphazard feed back.
There is more of a frenetic energy to "Worth" and it runs of this more than songwriting until the cool riff comes in at the minute mark to challenge the rule of "cool riffs alone do not make a good song". They take a more metal approach to " a Prison, a Life Raft". "Save Your Voice" almost goes by too quick to be a song. When the band commits to writing a real song, they are pretty good at it, this is proven on "Full Hearts , Empty Rooms". The title track sounds like it is an extension of the previous as it attack you more effectively with a slow chug. They take things into a more spastic direction for the raging chaos of "Victims and Builder". The vocals become more emotive on this one. I'll give this one an 8.5, these guys are pretty impressive when they commit to the results.

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