Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mystery Blood : "High On Death"

There is more of a rock vibe to the opening song of this album than the "I am the Sun" I first heard by these guys. There is an explosive dynamic that they are ready to go to, almost like the Stooges on steroids. They sail on to "Darker Water" a song that is more restrained while still holding onto the older punk sound even as it slinks around in the shadow. There is a groove that falls some where between the Pixies and Sonic Youth on "Lie" . We get a more spastic version of "I am the Sun" I prefer the earlier version as it's darker and the chaotic sax solo does nothing but make it seem like the Stooges.

The song title "I Fucked My Way Up to the Pizza" is almost better than the song which is more of a rock n roller boogie that might go over better live, but it's well played and I am not sure if the head phones I am currently listening to this album with are giving me the most accurate version of this mix. They kick things up into a rowdier direction with "God Of the 5th Dimension " . Things darken for "Today is the Day for Vengeance". This one rides on a hypnotic bass line with the guitar jamming around it until it's built up in a sonically intense direction. The female half of this band handles the vocals here and kind of creeps and purrs her way through the song.

I'll give this album an 8. So they create some really cool moods and I am glad they are fully commited to going all the way rowdy and angry when needed. I think these songs go over well live, but on this album they are presented in a similar jammed format. I look for to hearing them reign this in like they did on the second song.

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