Thursday, April 30, 2015

Throat : "Short Circuit"

Reptilian Records is about to  release this album by the Finnish Noise rock  Throat. First  noise rock and a Finland is a is an odd combination, normally think the Finnish are better a making dark music and I might not be wrong. The first song reminds me of a looser more chaotic version of what the German band Dyse does. They find a better groove on 'Polio Stance". Much like the kind of jarring abrasion that the Amp Rep bands used to kick up back in the 90s. The bass drives the angered grumble of  vocals more shouted more often than  than sun though he does make an attempt at it upon occcassion and has a croon tucked away some where.The chorus is stronger on "Dog Wrestle" than it is on other the previous songs . the drummer is good at orchestrating these little burst's of speed they spasm into and some of the weird time changes that adheres to the angular nature of the bands they have taken inspiration from.

There is a heavier chug to "Houston Soup" the syncopation reminds me a little of something Clutch might do. "Roman In " took muscular math rock and riffed it out at maximum volume. This song is swift and rumbles past pretty quickly so it took an additional listen to digest it. They are tight in their rough hewn sloppiness that is part of their sound. The shouted vocals get on my nerves as they are so 90s. I can hear some old Corrosion of Conformity, you know the albums way before they started sounding like Metallica and there are also echoes of Helmet in the mix as well. They back off an allow a little melody to creep into "Unjoy". The vocal are over driven and the bass tone on this album has more than it's fair share of balls I appreciate the sonic sentiments to this song the most . I think it might be the first song on this album that I like. There is a very 90's metal pulse to the build of this song.

This style of music has to be done in a very specific manner like this band Snake Nation did way back in the early 90s and they even had members of CoC in the band, but other than that this is two meat and potatoes dynamically for me as rawness is the staple of this sort of thing, while not taking the heavy to the extreme we are now used to. There was once upon a time when this was though of as some next level heavy shit, not so much in 2015.With that said I will give them a 7 as they are good at what they do.


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