Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Secrets Of the Sky : "Pathway"

Littered with atmospheric interludes between the songs. It opens up more like rock n roll than doom until they kick into to the slightly slower than mid tempo pound three minutes into things. The harsh vocals are pretty impressive and he real singing is better than most who try to blend the two. The album sounds great and is well produced. I had to temper my expectations of what I want from doom with these guys as it's a loose term to describe what they do. There is a more Sabbath like tempo to "Angel in Vines" , but this is still more upbeat than say Pallbearer. They did put some thought into the vocal melodies which goes a long way with me. "Another Light" continues on almost a more Katatonia like path. The darkness is more tender as the vocals melody drift around the clean guitar.

The harsher vocals heavy things up, the tempo is deliberate but not what I would call doom. There is a black metal sneer to the vocal rasp. There is some very tasty guitar phrasing in the middle of "Garden of prayers". Some of the choice in intervals the vocals reach for reminds me of Sliversun Pickups."Fosforus" makes no stabs at doom at all instead something more along the lines of a blackened death metal. They are not bad at this style, it seems like they are rather obliging in this rather than where they natural flow of where they are heading.

The last real song on the album is " Eternal Wolves". The sung vocals at the onset are great. It digs into more gritty death metal. It is slower paced death metal, but it feels more like death metal to me than doom. I'll give this one an 8.5, because although the sounds captured on this album show an abundance of growth for the band it's not an album I personally find myself urgently needing to get it onto my iPod. If you are a fan of the band it may or may not seem like a move in a much more accessible direction for the band , because well ... it is and this may please you or not. The vocals are tremendously improved and worth a listen just on that merit alone.

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