Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hypothermia : "Svartkonst'

Just because I am  taking my meds  doesn't mean I won't get  excited for good dsbm, there are a tons of shitty dsbm project popping up all over Europe so for quality not quantity much like funereal doom I'm twiddling by thumbs waiting around for it, so good thing this album popped up in the in-box it features guys from the Kall / Life Lover camp. One thing happens here and it turns out this album is heavily instrumental which is fine the music is dreary and dynamic , but the real anguish comes in the vocals. It's not until the more powerful build of the second song that the first two songs really set them selves apart, that and the first song had a much more tentative beginning and the second song falls out of the first. This album is well produced . It's gets a dense dark sonic sound. The instrumentation is not about dazzling fast or technical playing but what emits a feeling.

By the end of the second song I am beginning to wonder how long are they going to keep my attention without vocals. Kall went on some very extended instrumental sections that droned on. In black metal the vocals tend to become a caustic white noise that give the buzz of guitar a human or inhuman element. Here the pace is slow. "Efterglod" does find a tremolo picked guitar holding down a static pattern to create a noisy filter of the slow core drag. There is some ebb and flow , but this doesn't grip me as much as Kall or Lifelover. The guitar tones are great, very understated and I appreciate the disjointed honesty in the playing. The sax Kall used does come back to haunt the back ground of "Regnvals".  This is done with a much subtler touch. This song seethes into a more dynamic build that fakes you out like good jazz.... or Swans. The closing song "Vy" feels like an extension of the previous song and in some ways it is like classical music as this feels like it has been more movements less songs. The build has a little more bite to it than they have displayed so far on this record.They drone on the same feel for a while after the heavier section. I think vocals would have been wise, but this is still better than most dsbm coming out these days even if it's really post-rock influenced. I enjoyed it but the lack of vocals doesn't make me need it. I'll give it a 7. This one is not coming out until may 15th on Agonia Records .

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