Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Six Feet Under : "Crypt of the Devil"

This could be Dethklok now the guitars seem to be more wailing. Barnes vocal style has changed some since the bleeding. There is more to 'Open Coffin Orgy" than the opening track which could not grab my attention. The difference between this project and Cannibal Corpse is much clearer than you might think if you are not a fan of either act. Not sure if they split the fans into a Barnes camp and Corpsegrinder camp or not. Cumming cumming deep inside the hole, might be poetic and a little catchy, but it can't really hold the song on it's own the riff to "bREK The Cross in Half" has much more meat on it's cannibalized bones. 'lOst Remains" might have a feral intensity, but that is about all it has.This is about as basic as death metal can get, there are slight accent where his burped growl hits the right spot. It's almost every other song. "Slit Wrists" busts along at a more slayer tempo, but there is groove and riffs that just jab themselves into all the right places."Stab" find the elastic bass tone unwinding with the guitar racing to catch up to the drums."I want to stab..."Reminds me that excessive pot consumption does in fact not make you more creative.Sticking to the patten this album has of every other song being good there is a pretty mean groove to "The Night Bleeds" and some impressive guitar playing that might out smoke Cannibal Corpse and come close to Dethklok. "Compulsion to Brutalize" might have some good guitar work in it, but the rest of the song is pretty stagnant. The guitar tones here do get a little more adventurous for these guys. The album closes with "Eternal Darkness" that attempts to grind it's way into a sonic space more like Meshuggah before it goes into straight up death metal, that has more tech touches than you would guess this band to have. This album is well played and produced you might want to even give it a 7.5 if this is your thing for me It's a 6.5, well done music that I have little use for, over all I liked Cannibal Corpses last album better just because it was more crushing.

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