Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturnalia Temple : " To the Other"

On the Swedish band's second full-length they  indulge in a brief smattering of ambiance before stomping in with a blackened doom feel that at times recalls some of Darkthrone's black n roll moments if they were in collision with Celtic Frost. It hangs on the main riff while the vocalist rants. The vocals have a crazed quality to them and while gritty are not really growled or screamed, but I wouldn't say they are sung. The title track has a melodic guitar riff that drones on with a cleaner tone and a Kyuss styled solo drifting over it's mid-tempo desert doom as the vocals bellow in the background. Fuzzed out feedback dirties the edges of the song. The more straight forward "Snow of Reason" is not as compelling as it chugs ahead a perhaps with  a greater momentum , but lacks the hints of melody until the be section groove to make the song as compelling.

While past-members of the band  have included on of the guitarists from Dead Congregation this duo writes best these droning marches through the graveyard the they layer with an almost Hawkwind like sonic element. The first song that really strikes me as black metal is " Crowned with Seven" which has very Slayer influenced drumming, more so in the cymbal work than an overkill of double bass. they close out the album on a creepy note with "Void". I like some of the single not guitar work and the bludgeoning power behind song's like "Black Sea of Power" the simplicity of these songs can be both the blessing and the curse.

This band doesn't waste your time. Live Night Fell's Tim Call is behind the kit which would have been interesting to hear his take on these songs in the studio. If you are looking for blackened doom that has a stoner twist and nary a blast beat then this might just be the album you are looking for. I appreciate what is going on here I'll round it up to an 8, but don't think I would personally get much play out of something this rough around the edges, but they might be more your speed to click below to decide.

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