Saturday, March 28, 2015

King Woman : "Wrong"

Dark and droning,almost to the extreme this album is dense and heavy in the way we love them to be around this circle of hell. In someways similar to the blues drenched doom of Royal Thunder, this is less rock n roll and more hypnotic.In fact it often finds it self having just as much in common with shoe gaze as it does doom, the lines get blurred in the most delicious manner.There is that depressive mourning quality to the music. The guitar sobs with it.The distortion is thick, but in the same way it's thick for a band like Hum. The deliberate delay of the drums doesn't prolong the pregnant pauses , but keeps the songs moving. People rave about the slow core of bands like Earth, but this hits that spot some much better and has plenty of metallic power behind it without really being overtly metal in some ways.

 "King of Swords" is more of a sonic soup to soak in than anything to bang your head to, maybe bang dope to. The singer moans "no love , love is gone" with a stoned apathy masking any pain. Her husky alto is not androgynous, but she expresses herself unlike most female singers, a less sexed up Fiona Apple is a fair comparison in terms of register. The first song where the guitar takes on a brighter tone is "Burn".The thundering drums keep the sunshine out. Her whispered vocals here have a more Jucifer like quality and then the sounds get really mind blowing. She doesn't belt it out but seems to be using a measure of restraint. It's pretty refreshing to have a doom album where all of the songs are not over ten minutes long.

Every thing is very concise and to the point, but uses the time wisely to take you on a journey. The only hints of ever plodding are a few seconds here and there on "Candescent Soul", but dynamically they are still on point even there, they only complaint is I just want more this ep is a bit of a tease. I'll give it a 9.5 1

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