Monday, March 23, 2015

Aelter : "VI-Love Eternal"

This is a side project from one of the dudes in Wolvserpent, the first of these solo albums came out back in 2009. David Lynch was the first thought that came to mind in the abrasive jazz slowness that tumbled out of the first few chords. The vocals are low and gothy. The hesitate on each breathy note. The croon at times reminds me of Mike Patton more than Peter Murphy, as there is a western quality to both the singing and the warbling guitar. There are some cool sounds captured here. Things I would like if these pieces were all put together in an actual song.

From this point not only is the tone established but it stays pretty much transfixed on doing the same thing over and over again. Each song sounds the same and it sounds like a song that never went anywhere to begin with. So if you play in a metal band and decide you want a Nick Cave like side-project, then I applaud you I want that too I am your target audience. So if you mess this up by not really writing a song that goes anywhere, then I am not sure what to tell you. The guitar sound on "Life Eternal" wails a little more. But the vocals stay the same. The drum beat keeps the same lingering reluctance.

More synths come into the mix to add some ambiance to the slow-core thing that's going on here. A little more of this earlier on might have made this album a little more interesting. The vocals almost take on more of death-rock thing, but they are too hesitant to spit it out.I'll give this one a four as it is a little too single minded to the point of all th song sounding the same.

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