Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gristnam : "release2"

The days continues to get gritty for me as I find this New Orleans band scraping up some grime ridden death metal/ death-core. As long as the pig-squealing doesn't start I can hang with this.  These guys are the drummer and screamer from Haarp. I can't say I'm thrilled when the first two songs run together. "cells" does much more to stand on it's own to angry feet, it's also where I can begin to here their self professed grind core coming in. The screamer yells out slaughter you with axes, is the only thing I can make out. There is more of an explosion to "riding home" that has the growler wondering if you were smiling and exclaiming that sometimes you lie and sometimes you laugh. The find some pretty brutal chugs to accompany the lyrics that are now a pretty scathing condemnation of some one shooting up. Unlike Tribunal who I reviewed earlier today, I'm going to take a stab in the dark that these guys aren't straight edge, but like most people who live in New Orleans have had some band experiences with junkies.

The metallic spasms really come to a head on "Wallow' which ends with the line "until I piss upon your casket". Whats with it with New Orleans that creates such great lyrics, first Acid Bath now these guys, and many bands in-between. I guess it't the cross section of tourists , junkies and college hipsters riding their bikes that brings out this level of anger. They wrap things up with the savage yet one dimensional "Oak Tunnel" that falls somewhere near a sludge ridden middle road for these guys as "riding home" is most likely the albums most intense moment and hard to really out heavy or surpass in terms of sonic disdain. 'Wallow" is a blur of raging blasts and grind, so where were they suppose to go from there?  This is not a band that I was expecting their lyrics to be one of their strengths as you normally can not make out what is being screamed at you. This is not the case here. So it ends with a song that strikes me slightly as filler.

I'm going to round this up to an 8, as I enjoyed this album much more than I thought I would going into this. Is it something that I am going to feel the need to wear out in the future? Probaly not, though when I was a angry young teenager this would have been most welcome. But that is not where I am at though I am pretty pissed at the IRS, for hiding my refund for reasons still unknown, as I got exempted from Obamacare, but I will piss on their casket.

release2 by Gristnam

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