Saturday, January 17, 2015

Marilyn Manson: "the Pale Emperor"

I told myself this is Marilyn Manson's last chance. From the first song two things are evident... one this is better than his last album...not much could be worse and the is back on a similar path he started down "Eat Me Drink Me" . The guitar sound is still not metal... or industrial, he is taking a cue from Reznor in this regard though still more guitar focused than Nine Inch Nails.I t does rock a little harder on "Deep Six" and he also screams a little more but it's a far cry from his hardest rocking moments. I like the theme song to the show "Salem", "Cupid Carries A Gun" that he included on this album  more than I like the show. "The Third Day of a Seven Day Binge" has a good groove and in some way reminds me a little of "Gimme Shelter", it's safe to say this album owes more to the stones than "Portrait of American Family". It is however a good song.

Most of the songs tend to fall back on the bass line the way a lot of 70's rock (Another One Bites the Dust) did when disco and rock were attempting to make strange bedfellows back then.I think since  he didn't like the drugs this has been the case , so it's not like he his being untrue to his sound. Another element intact is the lyrical smarts continue to be his strength. Sure some of it is melodramatic, but isn't that what goth is supposed to be. On a song like "Warship My Wreck" he pays homage to Depeche Mode, even though the song has some Reznor like sounds to it.He also begins to rock a little bigger if not harder.

Manson has said this album is more cinematic and the reason for this is rather than working with a band, he made this album with Tyler Bates who composes soundtracks. Manson has immersed himself so far in Hollywood it's fitting this is more of a sound track than a band. The Stolen Babies drummer who has also played with Dillinger Escape Plan and Puscifer is on the album as well. On a song like "Slave Only Dreams to be King" could have stood a band to make it more focused rather than a half hearted Beautiful People knock off.Their is a Muse like arena rock feel to " the Devil Beneath My Feet".

My outrageous claims to hype this album are being made some are saying this is biker rock since he was on the last season of Sons of Anarchy , and others are saying this is his darkest album. "Birds of Hell Awaiting" is dark like "Apple of Sodom" but it's his darkest and this is a far cry from Motorhead.The sax that bubbles up works better than you might expect.The sultry goth lounge of "Odds of Even" does have more of a blues pulse than we have heard from him in the past. The bonus tracks are acoustic takes of some of the albums more notable moments. Depends on how big of a fan you are if you feel you need these cluttering up your iTunes.The album is better than I thought it would be this is a much better follow up to "Eat Me Drink Me" than other piece of boring crap I actually pidi money for back in 2010. Giving it an 8.5 is on the generous side of fair but it might still grow on me.  

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