Saturday, January 24, 2015

Halshug: "Blodets Band"

All the good punk these days is coming from bands north of France. These guys are from Denmark , so of course they are going to be punk as fuck. The first song they are still a little more musical than the scathing outburst they make on "Afmagt". The vocals are raw screams. The guitars are way denser than say Anti-flag, but these guys are going for a much crustier beast. The production is iffy, but what do you expect. The one to three go blast ahead in a blur sort of thing occurs, with guitar solos screaming out from the edges. This is more punk than I thought Southern Lord dipped into , but sludge punk must have seen it's day.

All of the songs jack hammer your anus within two minutes. The temper tantrums that make punk what it is are in full effect. There is a hard core aggression to this and an almost metal punch. Some times with the bulk of punk the songwriting suffers, the title track strikes a better balance. Sure many of the songs bang it out in a straight forward manner and in doing so many sound similar. The kick up a pretty good racing rumble on "Total Destruktion". They have abandoned most of the rock n roll elements of punk in favor of hard core. The following song however falls into most of the pitfalls that come with punk.

The drummer defaults to many of typical punk beats, though can throw in some good punchy parts when the mood strikes him. At times I hear old 'Age of Quarrel' era Cro-mags in this. The coarse vocals are blurted out, they might be in English they might not it really doesn't matter. It does sound like this whole album was recorded through a blown p/a , which of course brings more a live sound. They close out the album with a similar temper tantrum that they roared into right from the first squeals of feedback. I'll round this album up to a 5.5. These guys are legit as it gets, but with that comes a pretty one dimensional sonic scope and this pony only does one trick which encompasses on emotion.

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