Friday, January 2, 2015

Last Glances At 2014- White Lung: "Deep Fantasy"

This is not a metal album, but is the one non-metal album that seems to be on most metal heads end of the year lists. I got this band confused with White Hills during most of 2014. As well as the band that had lung in their  name who I saw open up from Nothing.The metal element slowly turns into something more like a more energetic Hole album. In fact by the second song it's half way into a more punk rock mode.Courtney Love's slur has to have been an influence on this band's singer no matter if she claims Bikini Kill or not. The frantic guitar attack is often spastic more often than not. The opener is the most metal song on the album. These guys and dolls tend to whip through the songs with a rabid recklessness common in punk.

The vocal chants are often catchy. It's easy to see why people like this album, but less obvious to discern if this album is worth the hype. The first real Hole-ism I hear is on "Snake Jaw". The guitar is smarter and more aggressive. The momentum is carried into "Face Down", despite the creative spark losing a little steam. The song begin to sound a like at this point. The vocal phrasing is the only saving grace at this point as every thing begins to fall dynamically flat since the only play at one speed, unless they are trying to play even faster then they reach that velocity.This is most effective on "I Believe You". They do manage to shift into a post- punk intro at the beginning of "Wrong Star", until defaulting back into the speedy grunged out punk that dominates this album. By "Lucky One" all the songs are sounding the same and running together.

'Lucky One" sort of sets it's self apart with punchier accents. The guitar is a little more pounding on "Lucky One" as well. They close out the album with a more effected guitar sound that is somewhat more sonic and melodic on the song "In Your Home". The melody has a little more guts to it as well. The fact singer Mish Way isn't bad too look at doesn't hurt this Canadian band's buzz. When it comes to my iPod it really doesn't care how someone looks, it either has space for good songs or it doesn't have space and needs to make room for better songs. I'll round this up to a 7 it is certainly better than Perfect Pussy.

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