Saturday, January 10, 2015

Malsanctum:Metamorbid Fetishization

You you can imagine when I hear a band combines funereal doom and black metal, I rush to snatch it up. This is the filthier interpretations of those genres. Iron Bonehead's is bringing Malsanctum's tape release to the masses soon. Not an album per se this is one twenty three minute song. Thee resulting filth is going to have a select audience who perhaps thought last years Ellorsith tape was a little to conventional. This is not even an ep, but a demo. Lo -fi can be an understatement,even knowing this is a demo, there are still expectations going into pressing play on something I know a record label is releasing, no matter how indie they are. First off the production  on this thing  is an acquired taste. That is almost avoiding the elephant in the room as it sounds like this was recording in the rehearsal space with a boom box. The thing about it that keeps me listening is it's dark and creepy.

The vocals resemble Darth Vader's breathing.With the guitars it's hard to tell where the feedback begins and the distortion ends. The bass is not audible, but the guitars are tuned so low that bass is almost redundant. There is the moan of what sounds like it might be cleaner vocals in the background. It could be synths instead of vocals it's like driving in thick fog to make such distinctions. The demons possessing who ever is creating this murky madness appear to provide harmony vocals at the half way point. But once again is it even vocals all at? The droning quality of this is where funereal doom comparison's might be made. The black metal blasting holds off until the fifteen minute mark and is a short and sweet dip into that territory.

By the seventeen minute mark it seems like the song is losing it's steam as it disintegrates into a blanket of white noise.  If this project puts out an entire album of actual songs that they record somewhere that more closely resembles a studio then I would be interested in checking it out. What happened here, I don't regret checking out . This sort of thing is better backing noise than some I need on my iPod and connect to as songs. If you like noise and drone to go with your blackened doom then this might be for you considering how low you prefer your lo-fi to be.I'll give it a 5.5, even though I am interested in hearing what comes out of this project in the future, this seems almost premature, like they were recording this for themselves to hear what it sounds like. They should have given in a listen and gone back to even a four track to give this a little more separation. I like where this is coming from, but would like to be able to have a clearer picture of what I'm listening to. 5

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