Saturday, January 24, 2015

Garden of the Worm: "Idle Stones"

Yes, Black Sabbath is worshiped in all areas of the world even Finland. These guys also listen to various 70's prog bands, this is not so surprising if you know that they named themselves after a King Crimson song. So pack up the bong when you head to the stereo for this one. Svart Records is really beginning to branch out, if vest metal is what's up next. There is a very jammy element to this so I am sure these guys are good live. This jamming causes the songs to run into one another, with the more pyschedelic power prog of "Summer's Isle" sounding pretty authentic to the era they are going for even it stumbles in a cloud of smoke that hovers over it.

Sometimes the stony groove are more angular than others. At times it sounds like this band heard Stonehenge by Spinal Tap and decided to base the totality of their existence around it. Though those moments are the less experimental. Even though I used the phrase "vest metal" I am not sure that these guys are really metal at all. Stoner rock isn't a label that I think of with these guys either as they don't have that fuzzy desert sound. Though funny enough they have a song called "Desertshore" which is dreamier than it is like anything Kyuss would do.

There is a slight doom tinge to the last song, though if you consider what we think is doom here it might not measure up to that level of dark and despairing.The layered vocals add another element of yearning  and the guitar playing is really soulful. Over all this is a guitar players album as they are the stars of the show. At twenty minutes the jamming may or may not be your thing it does create a druggy drone that sails you away. I'll give this one a 7.5, it gets a little indulgent in it's jamming which rambles on far too long for my iPod, but these guys are good musicians.

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