Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Midnight: "No Mercy For Mayhem"

How much roll do you want in your black n roll? That's the first question you should ask before checking out Midnight They have gone past the place Darkthrone was out into sounding more like Venom. It is so straight forward I have to ask myself can I make it through an entire album of this? The homo erotically titled "Prowling Leather" is a little darker , but the verse if almost a joke.Of course this means all the songs are at the three minute mark and even then the repetition makes them seem longer. The title track has potential with the Thin Lizzy like riff. Their singer almost attempts to sing.

They return to their run of the mill rock no roll ways , but with a more punk attitude to it on "The Final Rape of Night" that even comes with gang vocals on the chorus.I prefer when Venom and Darkthrone did this. There is a little more swagger to the cock rock of "Degradation". They should be a Venom tribute band. The easing the foot off the punk works a little better for them here but not much.There is more of a classic metal feel to "Woman of Flame " that starts off like a W.A.S.P song. The vocals by this time begin to feel a little stale as it's the same old same old all over again and it's clear the singer is by and large a one trick pony.

They take a slight turn into Motorhead's neighborhood on "Try Suicide" not that it's a long drive when you have been crashing over at Venom's house.I am really bored at this point and was hoping at least the lyrics to this one would keep me entertained. They get a heavier meatier sound on "Whiplash Disaster" before going back to the worn out rock n roll thing they have beaten well past death at this point.This starts making me think what does Darkthrone do that makes this sort of thing work for them. Well they are better song writers and they maintain their own personality in the process. The chorus to "Whiplash Disaster" reminds me a little of Bonded by Blood Exodus.

"Aggressive Crucifixion" would have worked better as a band name for these guys as like the song title they are redundant.They are back to the punk thing here, and at this point it's all similar shades o the same thing. The guitar solos are decent, the drumming is pretty much dialed in. The bassist could stand to be more present in the mix. They close the album with "Destroy Tsunami's Power' which is a little more thrash. The vocals do what they have been doing for the bulk of the album and the same solos come adding their two cents. They riff here has a little more bite but it doesn't keep this album from really biting. I'll round this down to a 4.5 as I can't remember being this bored by an album in a long time.Not sure why Hell's Headbangers wasted their resources with this, if this is the sort of stuf they normally put out I'll make sure to steer clear of future releases.

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