Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catching Up With 2014 : Ruin Lust : s/t

This album drips with crust and filth. Not since Disma's album have I heard something with this much grime to it. This is the band's first album, which was released back in May on Psychic Violence. Ruin Lust  might benefit by having  drummer Mike Rekevics on the throne, as he is the go to hip New York metal drummer, playing with Ash Borer, Fell Voices, Vorde, but it's the guitar tone that captures the feeling of this album. All three members vomit on the mic to some extent. Can't say the vocal styles are very distinct most have a lower coarse roar. "Primal Vision" switches gears into something a little more grind core. Until the solo ish section, which is a single note drone, it's beating you with one thing. Live with the band cranked up in a New York dive, that is pretty effective but it's not until the punches come and break everything up does the song get fun . A real guitar solo even shows up to the party.

They trample you with bloody thunder on "Tethered and Lashed", whats with all the bdsm references in metal today, just got done with another death metal album all bout the humiliation. This song is rawer and more of a challenge to embrace the noise caking what they do. When the guitar comes in a the two minute marks it's clear the static drenched sound they slugged you with at the beginning of the song was intentional. It works well for these guys, they make sounding bad sound good.The anguished sound of puke into the p/a works to accent the vocals, which can be one dimensional and my least favorite part of this band.

The second half of the album is "Skin Hunger" part one and two. One is a murky sewer water tasting death metal. It's dragging sludge borders on doom. The growl to this song is one of the better vocal performances on the album. It becomes even more of a dirge as the song dips into a depression. The part two is a bestial explosion of heaviness jack hammering  your skull. For the drummer have played with so many black metal bands the blast beats on this album are more punk in the way they hit the snare. This is pretty much in your face what you see is what you get filthy shit. The sound of this album is so raw and brutal it's unreal, so if savagery alone gets you by then you might rate this higher than the 8.5 I am rounding this one up to.

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