Friday, November 7, 2014

Cult of Youth : "Final Days"

It's no secret this Brooklyn based band is a favorite of mine and they set the bar incredibly high for them selves with "Love Will. Prevail". Their new  album "Final Days"opens with a droning mix of minimal drum and what might be brass blaring like a wounded cat in the distant. The first actual song is "Dragon Rogue" which shows the band using much more restrain.The guitar sound is improved, the percussion is broader making use of much more than just a kit. In the songs final minute they begin to accelerate in an almost Swans like manner.  The punk returns on "Empty Faction" which is an impressive display of post- punk that isn't afraid to stray from Joy Division's template. They are also straying from the Death in June influence and continuing to build a sense of their own vision.

" God's Garden" still carries hints of the older Death in June sound, but is much more it's own beast. The melodies are strong husky punk, with a growly edge to the vocals. The guitar melody in the back ground is more of a traditional goth direction than this band has tread in the past, but tempered with an almost rock n roll strum to the guitar. The rock n roll elements continue as the guitar to "Down the Moon" has an almost Led Zeppelin swing to it.They groove along on this almost 60's like psychedelic that is very lush and carries you away into it, so that you do not notice how it is building in layers around you.

They take things down to a much dark depth on the more subdued "Of Amber". The lyrics seem to hold almost occult metaphors. The song floats along this dark water and drones on until  a slight break down at the four minute mark. They bound back with the up tempo "No Regression" that also touches on a very rock n roll feeling. The vocals show how far they have come on this song as well.The nine minute s"Sanctuary" is the albums most ambitious track.The vocals take on more of a girtty growl  as they punch out from the rapid strum of guitar propelling this song into an almost gypsy like ramble.While they never hit actual metal, this song comes closest to hinting at it.

The album closes with "Roses" a simmering strum elevates the song up into an almost post- rock shimmer. The vocals dip into his lower Death in June like register. It lazes back on this dark stroll for the first three minutes before gently modulating  up into more of a build . I'll give this one a 9.5 as it is not as bold of a leap as they made on "Love Will Prevail and some of the songs stick close to the root idea, but this album is still a worthy addition to the legacy they have built for themselves .

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