Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catching up with 2014 : Sun Worship's"Elder Giants"

Here's a German band that sounds like it's from New York's cascadian hipster black metal scene. So with that said , it means they are pretty sonic and of course released this album on a limited vinyl pressing of only 300 copies , which are all sold out so the only way for you to get this record is for them to give it you on the Bandcamp page. The first seven minutes of "We Sleep" blows by you in a hypnotic blur. The slow it down before the 8 minute mark and slap you in the face with a half time groove, harder than your granny trying to tell you how epic a centaur is . It's less of a D&D gallop and more of a pack up your bong groove. The song hits you sop hard til you assume it is good, a common trap many heavy bands hit you with, but around here that means the joke is on them because they now have to convince me they can do even better than that, if they want to be regarded as being worth half a shit up in the piece.

Not sure whats up with the ebonics, I should write in more of an Aryan fashion considering where these guys are from, and the bulk of our hardcore readers are from Germany. "The Absolute is Becoming" stirs up a similar cauldron of blast beats.  It really is like running down hill. Their feet fly out from under them, but rather than being like Charlie Brown they soar off into the distance becoming background music. The riff to the title track is more defined. The notes sing out rather than disappearing in a wall of sound. The vocal rasp was easier to make out on the first song, but after that it is more a static coat of human noise. At the halfway point of this ten minute monster it slows down into a doomy lurch. They come back in an launch back off into the sonic sky, where they fly away back into the blast beat drone.

They hit a weird mix of noise and melodic moments when they close out the album. The synth sounds if thats what they are and not the feedback of of over effected guitar, creates a Tangerine Dream or Pink Floyd like feeling. While they are cool sounds, it's more of an outro than real song. I like where they are going with the three songs they do give you here that clock in at a combined 30 minutes , which is longer than Reign In Blood. While it's not  like you have never heard anything like this before, if you are fan of black metal, these guys are good at what they do. I'll give it an 8, even though I doubt it will last long on my iPod, it sounds like the best is yet to come from these guys.


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