Friday, November 7, 2014

Lost Tribe : "Solace"

For Bellicose Minds to have only preceded Lost Tribe by two years they certainly have had a big influence on them.The vocals are almost identical. The biggest difference is where Lost Tribe goes with the elecrtic guitar sounds and some of their use of synths. With that being said on songs like "Rise or Fall" they are rocking the fuck out a bit more.They might call them selves anarcho-punk  , but things like the heavy punk colors them closer to death rock, despite the fact these guys are more punk than death rock.The single not guitar melodies characteristic of older punk influenced goth are present and the use of synths has really progressed for this band.

They are moving in the direction of having a distinct identity, but the vocal approach hinders this in some ways.Not that punk rock is really known for it's vocal dynamics.The outro / intro pieces are interesting and are ideas that would have been better served if placed with in the context of one of these songs. "Midnight Rain" is a direction I can see the band benefiting the most from moving in. The vocals even on even more of a growl to them and the metal infused guitar really drives the song and separates them from their peers. This is where the Killing Joke influence can be heard.

The the bulk of this momentum on "Conqueror". The riff is not as well defined as the previous song, the bass picks up most of the slack while the vocals wander around.There are effective breakdowns that lead back into the verse. "Dungeon of Stones" hints at an underlying creepiness but the song moves in such a punk fashion some of this crashes right past you. This album has it's moments. I 'll give it a 6 as it's hard for me to shake the Bellicose Minds like vocals. I want more of "Midnight Rain".

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