Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weekly Shuffle

Time to give the old iPod classic a click and see what comes up an review it...some times it's more metal than others

"Crack Rock" by Frank Ocean...well this is one of the few songs he can now get away with not having to change the verbiage of since coming out. To his credit, I rarely like any R&b that has come out post Maxwell's first album so that something, he's more experimental than you would think and has darker lyrics than say Née-Yo or who ever the flavor of the week is.A cautionary tale of crack smoking.

"I'm So Cute" by Frank Zappa...the flirtation was harder rock from Sheik Yerbouti. Of course the playing will be great even when they dumb it down. This sounds a little like Rozz Williams vocally on the part of Terry Bozzi and the riff sounds like "Bread Fan"

"Carbon Based Anatomy" By Cynic...the prog steers steer further into elf territory and further from metal but I am still looking forward to their full length follow up to Traced in Air. The vocals are ready for their close up as they step into the spotlight. The kids choir is over doing it a little, this reminds me of Mew the Icelandic band in the where are they now files. The drumming on this is so fluid it's ridiculous. I'd like a little more bass on this of course. We are getting into like Yes Travelling into space on this one.

"Barons of Suburbia" by Tori Amos...After playing Kate Bush for my girl friend she hasn't been able to listen to Tori Amos , so now it's moments like these when I get to revisit her. For her later period stuff thesis on the better side of decent, I think she is best keeping the extra instrumentation to a minimum. The bassis present but no guitar as it should be with her, almost like Ben Folds Five in that sense. The melodies all flow with the trickle of ivory as it is to be expected

"Black Smoke" by Primitive Man, oh good if Cynic was as heavy as it was going to get I would feel like a pussy. This song though is mainly a weird noisy interlude from a band that is otherwise pretty brutal.

" Dearth" by Deathspell Omega we are really getting into some redemption though this is one of the bands moodier numbers not as much wild spun chaos being slung about. My French is pretty weak but he's preaching about the apocalypse to us. The bassist is the MVP here , have I already said it love it in black metal when you can hear the bass? I know I touched on it in my Woe Review, but this drives the point home.

"The Eternal" by Joy Division...and a total of zero readers are surprised that Joy Division is in my iPod . To saythis is one of their moodier numbers as well would raise the question well it depends on the mood. So I think fragile would best describe this. More electronic than the proto punk they fired off earlier on. Ian Curtis is less anxious here though I guess that didnt last. I like the piano that haunts the back ground. I think he was regretting what growing up was going to bring here. they have the bleak drone, the cold guitar , the total glum package.

"Scarecrows on a Killer Slant" by Liars...Not metal but these guys are heavy in their own weird way. This song is dissonant but bounces , there is a punk element and a electronic element like Xiu Xiu getting raped in the dirty south. The guitar could have come off of an Iceage album, though it would have been these guys influencing Iceage. Every song sounds different but holds a similar disdain.

"Show some love...tear it down" by Suicidal Tendencies...another albums that's taking me a while to get around to reviewing , I have been only digesting this one in small bite sized pieces. It's not too Infectous Groove, but still not close enough to How will I laugh tomorrow, the playing is great, Mike Muir sounds good but not depressed or angry enough. I prefer him having a trip at the brain.

"Waritorium" by Tomahawk...yep it's survived the weekly purges and looks like its going to have some staying power even though I don't play the hell out of it. Mike is doing what he does, and everyone else is falling in lime, not the best song on the album but it works for me. It has almost a Rage Against the Machine punch to it but without all the stupid rapping.

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