Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekly Shuffle

I got some new stuff in my iPod this week and changed out other albums to make way for new one s so let's see what happens when I hit shuffle and start reviewing the song that pop up.

"Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" by the Smiths, Some of the greatest lyrics set to music. "What she asked of me at the end of the day/ Caligula would have blushed" I mean come on , does it get better? The uplifting juxtaposition of Moz's mope is incredible and iconic with out as doubt and the bass line isn't too shabby either.

"My Little Universe" by Depeche Mode, Off the new Delta Machine album I recently reviewed. This little Peice of awkward glitch pop isn't the best moment on here for sure, but is less offense offensive hearing it now, the vocal layers are kinds cool toward the end little too many bleeps and bloopers. Lyrics aren't bad when I listen to certainly relatable, but I'm not taking medication.

"La Traversee" by Les Discrets...remember when shoe gaze metal almost became a thing, this album by Les Discrets certainly made a solid case for it l but backed away from the more metal elements. This song feels like Failure or Ashes Divide to me so there is more of a straightforward rock element to it. It floats with drive. No a bad characteristic in a song but far from being My Bloody Valentine, which I think the old goth/ witch house kids are beginning to adopt more of . I don't think I wan these guys to be any kre rock n roll than his the balance is achieved.

"Baal of Ekron" by Necros Chirstos , more Morbid Angle flavored death metal, though these guys take it and run with it into some particularly dark corners. There's some great guitar playing, the drumming is solid enough, intresting accents ,mother vocal deep and growling out into the underworld. I think we have all the key elements for good death metal here, is it blackend what have you, well do you consider Morbid angel black metal The there you go. The riff drag you into their murk and smother you by the end.

"When My Baby Comes" by Grinderman , o.k there's something new to my iPod, I like this better than I though I would whe this project came out I was unsure if I was ready for something that wasn't the Birthday Party or the Bad Seeds, this isn't too different than the bad seeds more liscence to be weird. Cave's narratives here are loose and groovy. I think he sings more of the new album with the Bad Seeds than this which strays into more spoken word. The music behind takes a shift into something more sonically rock, it surreal and dark so you know it gets my vote. There is a little more of a jamming out feel to some of these songs like Nick is taking to to church during Mardis Gras while you are tripping. But the build here is pretty fucking cool so. Color this one a winner.

"Undo You" by Katatonia , this last album continues to grow on me . I normally don't listen to something that is this middle of the road and almost commercial in feel but the songs have compensated for the edge they continue to loose but finding depth in other places. Jonas revists similar grounds I nhis melodies and phrasing to the point of where it's becoming easier to mimic where you think he's going , the verse I this one though there are some subtle and thoughtful moments, where you can find some honesty buried In the slick production.

" A Drug Against War" by KMFDM , Pretty awesome for the time this came out and I think it's held up well to the point of where it can be hailed as an industrial classic. Not dancey, the almost Slayer like guitar riff is stiff and militant but works like a champ in context with the rest of the song, the drum mix cold be thicker if I rally want to pick it past but when I consider when it was recorded then it makes sense.

"Mechanical Mind" by Voi Vod, The angular thrash math this once kicks off with feels very much like them despite bing devoid of Piggy. It twists and turns with cyborg sinew. Snakes voice holds up though i don't think this is his best preformance of the album. Away really takes to his drums to be his age, he is metal's most under rated drummers. This is so rare to have what is almost a comeback album by these guys sit so well against their classics.

"the Sinister Awakening" by Dimmu Borgir, In Sorte Diaboli" is a fantastic album, this is however one of those songs that I tend to overlook in favor of the other more epic numbers where Ics Vortex rides a dragon in with a yodel.the really chanted chorus is cool as is the transition back into the verse. These guys play at break neck speed but know when to go into more epic riffs, I think some of the bite on songs like this they could stand remember when they head into the studio next time as I think they have gone about as far with the symphonic thing as they can stand to go.

" Low" by Royal Thunder, This is my favorite song by these guys. The chorus slithers nicely a the whole" I know you got demons baby" line. I remember hearing the demo that came out before this e.p and it was just sabba worship so the bluesy feel captured here seems more genuine , I think going in a wanna be prog direction on someon the newer material they would do themselves a favor to remember the simmer on a song like this that works better, and whenit goes into the boogie woodie stomp at the end it works better than when they make a more conscious effort to be metal.

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