Thursday, April 18, 2013

Skagos: "Anarchic"

There have been a lot of sub genres thrown around in reference to the second full length by this Canadian duo, and I can sum it up all quick for you by saying there's not a lot of ground not already covered in a less long winded fashion by Alcest. I'm not sure whether two twenty minute song albums have become a thing for any sort of post whatever black metal or experimenting with black metal mean you have to drone. In truth can you write a cucking song is what needs to be asked. Are theire great songs theatre over ten minutes yes. But those same musicians can write on in a concise manner as well. The safety in this long song trend is much like a live show the listener godson a trip and forget what he heard three minutes ago because they might as well be listening to another song.

The black metal thing here is highly suspect, its more like fast Mogwai...whole cascading blast beat thing, I think there has to be more varied elements or perhaps now that it's been a thing for a while it needs to progress , may the new Deafheaven will change it up here, it just appears and isn't anything we haven't heard before, the vocal sections that are almost accapella are cool enough but like most things on this album the ideas are run into the ground. The harsh vocal are executed by the book in a midrange but don't feel angry or evil.the best part of the song is the groove the hit at the 9:45 mark. This is the sort of thing they need to develop more. It's more Agalloch in feel than some of the Wolvesinthethroneroom comparison they get, the blasty parts are the on,y place I hear that . The returned the blast seems more awkward than when they first hit, though the clean vocals layered around in help out.

Take the first side of 2112, those songs can all stand along on there own where what Skagosis strung together some cool parts they often take their time getting to them the kind of procrastination that like being in a conversation with someone who has to talk their way around to what the point is. In the first song simply the side a, the point doesn't come til past the ten minute mark, the lead into the actual song is about the span of an entire side of a Nails album. the clean vocals are cool there is more to them than the standard intone of most post rock bands who employ a similar tactic , but they aren't Alcest either.

The first 11 mins of the second song where cool furthe first three minutes then I feel the sing song chant is the invocation of boredom. There's about five mins of very minimalist ambiance which is a waste of space,this could be captured and get the same feel but with something that draws you in as you floataway. So it stays limp and they can't get it up for eighteen mintues.

Soif you are going to just have two songs make sure one of them is awesome, ormay break up these pieces see if they stand on their own because when you string the, together they are not going to be any more developed if they don't go anywhere. I'll round this down to a 4 out of ten , there is the cool accents of the heavy Part on the first song that whole section is only three minutes, so they don't know a good thing when they got it. I have their Ethan the version I got was incomplete and their was going to be a side c to this , but if it's more of the same I don't think it's going to be of much use.

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