Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Svart Crown : "Profane"

And yet another French Metal band that is serious about kicking ass. Though where most of their countrymen are more experimental these guys are fairly head first in their approach, almost to the point of where you could consider them blackened Death Metal or whatever you want to label Behemoth as, who would be the closet comparison off the bat as this album is slick with a lot of groove and hook to it. This is their third full length and features the drummer from Ortargos.

Their is a sufficient level of technicality to what they do but I don't think it becomes a futile excercise in dexterity as its blended by powerful riffs a that have room to breathe, but fans of tech death should respect what they do none the less, similar to have they have an affinity for Deathspell Omega , though this albums while the songs undergo their own metaphorphisis aren't thrashing about in as unpredictable of chaos. On "Intern.Virus.Human" there is a more modern Morbid Angel take to why they are doing , but with out all the silly electronics. This album is very well produced and has a big sound making the riffs hit the wat they need to.

Some of the chords do ring out and darken them up a bit to keep these guys from falling into the stiffness of death metal. They do take on a frontal assault with " In Utero: a Place of Hatred and threat" the groove to the dug at the two mintie mark helps transition them in a groove with a little swing to it that lubricates the guitar attack. But this is one of their weaker spot despite impressive drumming as it falls into the here's some cool riffs rather than here's a good song.

The emotive sonics they need which are much closer of a commodity for black metal than they are to death metalis pretty mucho he meat of "Until the Last Breath" this creates the kind of creepiness a band like Blut Aus Nord is known for. When they get into the slower pace stuff they tend to drone on it longer and feel less need to throw so much at you. The vocals have more emotion to their growl and even have a different timbre to them more tortured less guttural.

The title track takes on a more Morbid Angel guitar sound. It throws a storm of riffs at you in a tempestuous blast. They do relax at the minute mark and build tension. It moments like these which capture mood way better than being I the eye of their tornado. They guitars have ear for melody whether let themselves indulge this leaning. The drummer really has an ear for detail for I his fills and adds to the dynamic builds like constructing a house of cards out of razor blades.

"Therapy of Flesh" starts of very death metal. It's not until they get to the darker moodier middle section that I can form any connection to the song. It's all very well played, I think when they through to ,uh technicality into the death metal sections that it becomes mechanical. Wheni hear them make more creative music on songs like "Venomous Ritual" then it makes it hard for me to accept them as a band that would just default into big stupid death metal. When they use things like tribal drumming and moaned chants to lead into the heavy then I sit up and listen. Since "Venomous Ritual" is more of an interlude than a song it's not something I would normally like which is a testament to how well it's pulled off.

They go for the kill with out hesitation on "Asetic Purifacation" but there are some riff and vocal patterns that I find still works for me . It's not like I don't appreciate brutality. I just like to to be constructed with some artistry. Loke the ripping riff at the one minute mark, of "Revelation: Down here Stillborn where they work the best at this .so if there is an opening barrage then make it worth it, because I need pay off, you can throw a blur of riffs at me as long as its there. There is still some Morbid Angel I flue centre, though they have constructed a denser monster to ride into battle with. They hint at guitar solos frequently on this album but never commit to launching into one.

I think fans of death metal will really enjoy this one as its innovative in a normally stale genre. Of course coming for France I went into this thinking it would be more black metal than death and was mistaken , though I can still leave this album on and just let it play, I'll give this one an 8.5, while the more technical death metal elements aren't my thing I think it's constructed in a way that when I listen to the album as a whole it's smoothed over.

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