Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Shuffle

O.k think I fell behind on this one last week when I went to Frolicon, so for future reference the week of a convention is anything goes and set your expectations low. So here we go kids hitting shuffle mode on the old iPod and reviewing the first ten songs that pop up.

"Moonchild" by Feilds of the Nephillim ...the guitars sound great on this . Sure they are very eighties goth but that's a great sound, the bass player is getting the job done and then some and the chant of Moonchild which builds into his trademark raspy bellow has plenty of time to surf the grooves. It sounds like he was just flying off the cuff went he went into the vocal booth on this but the looseness gives it a cool feel.

"Locust Star" by Neurosis...This marks their metal peak. "Souls at zero" is a darker album but "Through Sliver and Blood" is denser and heavier as this is where the modern sludge sound really emerged from the sonic cocoon. This chorus riff is just crushing the layers of sound on this bury you in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Listen to this and then tell me how awesome you think their new album is.

"Fang" by Chelsea Wolfe...well I guess it's time for her weekly appearence on her. This is a little more minimalist but when the drums come in the keep it moving like the ghost of Portishead haunting a bathtub suicide for beneath the bloody water. I like the guitar on here though the mix is a little clanging.

"In the Springtime of his Voodoo" by Tori Amos...When this album came out I wasn't sure what to make of it but the chorus of this song sold me on it as the build is pretty powerful how it congeals from the honky Tonk clamour of the verses. The Harpiscord on this is awesome and when she plays it and the piano simultaneously it makes me recoil from my piano for about a month. It does have Stark Trek references for the geeks out there.

"This, My Porcelain Life" by Rasptutina... The vocal layers used to make me jump when they showed up on the chorus. This pretty much a perfect song and these gals are capable of writing such a thing when they aren't clowning around writing side show soundtracks. I think the lyrics are very relatable and could have been applied to most of my relationships.

"The Girls of Porn" by Mr.Bungle ...I normally am not the biggest fan of humor in music if it's from an actual band so Songify and Lonely Island are o.k Mr. Bungle has a cool charm to them that transcends this like Zappa they are the rare bird capable to pull it off. This is pretty much a fucking classic and a classic about fucking. The bassit kills it in the most legit fashion and Mike Patton almost sounds like Cameo.

"Tribute" by Tenacious D... O.k my iPod thinks its being funny. File the D along side Lonely Island and even then their albums can get a little tedious but this is a tribute to the best song in the world so it makes the cut and it can stun beasts so if you need to stun one here you go. I do concede to the fact Jack Black can actually sing, goes to show what a steady diet of Dio can do.

"Bloden Horse" by True of those albums that comes on shuffle and I think why don't I listen to these guys more. Not there first appearence on here. They are harder than indie rock but not trying to be Queens of the Stoneage either. The sluggish drug jangle is great for anytime of day. They harken by to bands like the Catherine Wheel. There's a certain drone to this but still the sense the song is moving along and. It just static. They are touring with Baroness which is a weird match.

"Kiss" by London After Midnight... This mix is from the A Life Less Lived, goth box set. I like the way this song sways into its dance beat rather than being a slave to it. The vocals really sound great here though I am generally not wowed by them. The chorus hook is pretty song as well. The bass line is taking over where the guitar would brand makes it sound more industrial than it really is.

"the Cult of Goliath" by Darkthrone...Well glad to end it with a little metal. You know how I feel a out there black and roll years...I like them as much as their more Cvlt stuff. This song has more bit than the Reston the stuff for. This era, I like how in the vocals the last note ends in such a harsh over driven tone. It's gritty enough for punk rockers as well who I think should give this era more of a listen.

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