Saturday, June 17, 2017

White Suns : "Psychic Drift"

The sound of falling asleep on your synth so that it presses all the keys at once and sounds like a traffic jam is cool to hipsters. To me it's a red flag that these guys might be out to waste my time with some art school bull-shit. 7 minutes in and they have yet to cross over into something you could consider music.This could have condensed into 3 minutes of horrid noise rather than fourteen as it's not like they go anywhere with it any way. Some idiot who supported this one their Bandcamp page said the vocal performances are stellar as well. This is just spoken word how can that be a stellar vocal performance unless you fucking sing. Two minutes into the second buzz of noise they are trying to call a song and I being to wonder why did Flenser ever bother wasting their time with this.

On a "Year Without Summer" they practice plugging their instruments in to see if they can make static feedback sound. The so called stellar vocal performance does not turn into singing just yelling that you can hear from any drunk at a train station. So far this so called album has yet to produce any music. I think to be a band you have to make music. Which requires notes of some kind that hopefully form a melody, a song is a series of patterns that for melodies. So at the very basic core of what music is this is bull shit. Maybe performance, but go do it in an art gallery somewhere and don't bother with recording this shit. So this band and the term band is used rather loosely here, has the honor of scoring a 0 which is the first band to ever do that in the five or so years I have been doing this blog. If you like this I would for you to kill yourself as the world could used less idiots who think it's funny to have bad taste in music. Far beyond terrible, hopefully who ever made this gets AIDS and dies and that is the best thing I could wish for them, in fact AIDS is to noble a death extreme anal prolapse might be what best serves them.

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