Wednesday, June 14, 2017

M.O.D- " Busted, Broke & American"

The lines between Storm Troopers of Death and Billy Milano's solo project that made a more light hearted attempt at carrying on where he left off , were once clearly defined. On the first song from the band's new album it sounds like they are wanting to be more like S.0.D . This is not always the case as they remember who they are on " You're a Fucking Dick". Milano's voice as more grit to it these days. The heaviness almost steam rolls the more laughable lyrical themes. He spits out the lyrics with more anger. At times the approach reminds me of Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies. The title track eludes to Black Flag influences that were bubbling under the surface. The vocals are more sung going into the solo and work better than I expected. They cram a tone of song into three minutes.

"Fight" sees the reverse in motion. They take a concept that feels like it doesn't have as much gas in it and turn it into a three minute. The guitars attack with a tight metallic chug. I finally hear the bass wrestle it's way into the mix. There is a more of an old school mosh feel to "Hooligan". It feels like one of the album's stronger songs, despite the elephant in the room on this album seems to be M.O.D, was always a metal band, S.O.D was a metal band. Sure they came to the thrash crossover and had more punk influence. In fact S.o.d was the one metal band that punks listened, that till didn't change what they did. They trade off punk riffs and metal riffs. There was not a clear line and if there is then it breezed pat me as we were more than half  way into "Billy Be Damned" before I realized it was a new song and that's right before the mosh break. They race through the song at a punk pace. Their song about hard core punk, seems a little forced.

 The bass tone to "They" might not be as bad ass as the bass tone Dan used in S.O.D, but it works for this album. There are interesting little vocal overdubs in places here and there. The drummer proves himself to be pretty solid on this song as well. 'All Out of Bubblegum" is really just an instrumental interlude. They stay on the very straight ahead punk bent aside from the sung vocals on the chorus of "Go Go Revolution". This song is better than most. Overall this is not the best M.O.D album I think the mid life personality crisis Milano is having here waters this down with run of the mill punk and takes away the potential it could have had. Even with that said there are solid moments, and these guys re old pros so they are able to pull off an 8 even half assing it. Still this should have been a 10.

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