Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dying Fetus : " Wrong One to Fuck With"

There is more technical prowess exposed in the first song than I planned on. It is their 8th album so they have been at it long enough to do what ever needs to be done. The drumming is as bad ass as expected. But if you are in a death metal band , your drummer has to be the shit. The first song resonates with me more than the second which feels more like they just threw a bunch of riffs at the wall to see what would stick. They go into a more bone headed approach to lowest common denominator death metal on their more straight forward attempts . Lots of jack hammer fucking , which lets be honest when it comes to sex is vanilla as fuck so why different with metal. It's when they slow things down on "Reveling in the Abyss" that things get better . They are not able to restrain themselves for long. There is more of a straight up metal bent to the riff leading into "Seething With Disdain" which is propelled by a powerful that makes this the first song that really connects with me.

The vocal are low and guttural , everything you could want out of death metal. They sound really good with stacked with overdubs. The shredding sections might be good to masturbate to, but take away from a little of the brutality so go thing the rest of the song has that in spades. Some of the more shred tinged riffs work better when just thrown in for effect and don't phase the momentum. The need for speed it met while not sacrificing the song on the tightly chugged "Ideological Subjugation" . It's hard not to head bang to. "Weaken the Structure" just kinda blasts by me. "Fallacy" is a similar fast form of death metal that threatens to do the same as the aggression alone is not enough to hook me in.

From this point on the brutal nature what they do has numbed me out and it all begins to sound like a blur. Some riffs carry more hook in their bite. The rule around here is cool riffs alone do not make a good song. This leaves the often atonal grunt of the growled vocals to focus more on placement and they have to make songs that are more than a place holder for a guitar solo. The title track proves they can be brutal and write a good song . So whats  the excuse for all the filler ? Ok at least two songs could have been trimmed to get rid of the bloat so that means this album gets an 8.

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