Thursday, June 29, 2017

Top 10 Rock Albums of 2017 far

It's that time again as the year continues to fly by, for us to look at what they top ten rock albums of the year so far are. These are a wide jumble of varied genres that have one thing in common...they aren't metal. We have hard rock, indie rock, math rock, cock rock etc...they are ranked according to what Last FM said I listened to the most. So here you go..
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10 - Cherry Glazer- "Apocalypstick"

 Here is a wacky indie rock band that works best off best clever, though they can build into a more punk infused punch on the opener "Told You I'd Be With the Guys". The lyrics are just as smart as the arrangements especially on "Trash People". This album is sonic and compelling indie rock that's familiar in some ways , but they are very much their own person.

It’s comforting to know that one of the scenes biggest indie rock band’s actually knows how to rock. They open the album with a more reflective tone that cruises  on smooth melodies, but by the second song they remind you that indie rock has punk roots. There is enough of a jangle to take you back to the days band's like the Replacements held a place on college radio. If you are too young and missed the boat on the first two Weezer albums or Jimmy Eat World’s early work, then these guys have got you covered. This is indie rock that knows where it came from and adds it’s own flavors.">

7-Steel Panther- "Lower the Bar" 

 Hair metal ...cock rock or whatever you want to call the metal from the 80's that held a glam tinge and packed arenas, is what Steel Panther is. These guys are more of a parody, but in the process make some good music by mistake.

6-King Woman - "Created in the Image of Suffering"

The dream like haze cast over the doom-gaze of the band's debut full length has grown thicker than what  we found on their previous ep. This album hits a sweet spot for me,  once again proving you don't have to adhere to the typical trappings of metal in order to be heavy. Blues bubbles under the simmering cauldron of hypnotic riffs. Overall this album starts off with a dreamier coating and wakes into a more grounded powerhouse..Kristina's vocals pull the songwriting together and making it an album you’ll dig deeper into with repeat listens


5-Crystal Fairy - s/t Holy shit! I had le Butcherettes confused with the Ravonettes going into this because this chick can fucking belt it out with rock god size balls, I know she is from Bosnian Rainbows but it didn't all click now.At times it feels like Rasputina as a punk band, but overall it rocks pretty solidly and this reminds me I need to give it more listens.
4- Mastodon - "Emperor of Sand" Living in Atlanta it's hard to gauge just how big of a deal a new album from Mastodon is outside of the microcosm here. It feels like more of a fully realized vision that the past two albums.Overall this might be the band's best album since "Crack the Skye" so it made the much envied trip over to my iPod and then I will see how it stands the test of time. Some of the songs that didn't hook me in as strongly as the groovier poppier numbers still have room to grow on me.

3- Gold- "Optimist"

 The Dutch band is back with more introspection to the gloom. The singer has really stepped up her game on this collection of more refined rock songs that succeeds in being sonically heavy without being metal.This one is still growing on me , but has gotten a generous share of repeat listens.

2-Royal Thunder- "Wick"

There are metal influences under the surface but this is not a metal album. By the album's third act it becomes obvious they have remembered who they are and what they should be doing. The album comes to a close with 'We Never Fell Asleep". There is a dagger like quality to how the lyrics are spit out on this one and they gain some punch as the song progresses.   Overall this one shows the band growing away from who they where and that takes some adjustment if you are invested in their old sound,but is worth the trip.

 1- Minus the Bear - Voids
ts been awhile since I have caught up with Minus the Bear around 2004 they were one of my favorite bands. The last album I owned by the was 2007's "Planet of Ice" so it's been a decade since they were really on my radar. In that time frame they have releases a few more albums, I felt with "Planet of Ice" that the song writing was not as focused as the first album. Things have changed and there is a better balance. Overall the dream like qualties to these songs is very thoughtful and makes this album carry a lot of depth as well as being a fun ride for casual iPod listening and makes me want to go back and see what I might have missed out on from these guys. This marks a return to the band I want them to be.

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