Sunday, November 13, 2016

Siberian Hell Sounds : "Svengali"

This Australian band is spoken of by hip fans of extreme music . Up to this point I have been fairly mixed on them, because it takes more than just being heavy to impress me. These guys do have some chops are out to employ their black metal influences in a way other bands do not.  They blend grind-core in a manner that immerses you in their world  and brings depraved shadows to life. "Ripen" is dark and occupies a similar alley way in the night as Nails. What they do not have is as strong of sense of song writing as there is not a great deal of change when they go into the second song. It takes them about three minutes in to play around the sample that creeps into the song to provide more mood and atmosphere since just blast beats alone won't carry the song. Their drummer is totally insane. The vocals shriek, howl and growl with an unhinged quality that is more believable than if they had stuck with a coarse mid-range bark.

The two minutes of "Hypnoterror" are put to better use even though they do not carry the same mood as the previous two songs. "Blackmarketmind" races along a frenzied path between grind-core and thrash. This also carries hints of a hard-core past. The title track that ends the album has similar thrashing teeth. The vocals are mixed further into the background. They resort to trying to blast their way through this one without feeling the need to really give you anything to latch onto. While many blogs shall sing this band's praises. I do like the use of samples to build atmosphere, but feel aside from that Nails already everything this album tries to accomplish better so I will give this album a 7.5. If you are a fan of blackened grind-core with thrashing hardcore roots these guys are worth checking out.

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