Monday, November 14, 2016

Domkraft : "The End of Electricity"

I have been scouring the inner webs in search of doom I might have missed and haven't really found a tone that I have missed thus far, but this Swedish band knows what is up. The ten minute opener jams on the thin line between doom and sludge. There is a little more stoner rock swagger to the coolly paced "Meltdown of the Orb". Here the band indulges in more of a desert rock sound before pumping more muscle into the riff.  This builds into more of a sonic drone that keeps adding more weight to the guitars that are pressing down on you. "Drones" is more of an instrumental interlude than a song on it's own two feet. The come back with a vengeance on "Red Lead". The vocals are generally a manic yowl. Electric Wizard might be a fair comparison when it comes to this department.

There is a more hypnotic current carried in the surmounting rumble of "All Come Hither". This album begins to take on the formula of hanging on the riff and droning every THC infested note they can milk out of it. There is a much rougher rumble on "Dustrider". This is even reflected in the almost more punk shout of the vocals. For the songs on this album, this one is pretty compact and while it just jams on the one riff, is pretty effective in what it sets out to do. Distorted bass sends an oppressive vibration rattling into the song "We Will Follow" , before it finds more of a groove. The vocals on this one are once again shouted more than they are sung.

Overall this is a pretty solid slab of beefy desert rock that follows a less groovy path than Kyuss , but also carries more weight in it's mammoth plod. The emphasis is more on being heavy, but these guys love their riffs and hang on to them for dear life when they have a good thing going. I'll give this an 8.5. These guys should have an appeal broad enough to appeal to both fans of Clutch and Electric Wizard.

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