Friday, November 11, 2016

Cokegoat- "Drugs And Animals"

 Everything now is a hybrid of something. These guys perhaps do not successfully create a doom metal album, but more importantly create some heavy and angry music that has a atmosphere to it when needed. It roars with an apocalyptic rage fitting of the current mood on my Facebook feed spurned on by the generation of sore losers, so it's good music to get tear gassed to on a protest, though if you are that kind of a hippy then you are going to be scared of the big chords anyway. These guys are more sludge than not , the first song that strikes me more as doomy than sludge is "Winter of Fear". "The Burner" is pretty up tempo more like old Mastodon in it's pacing. The vocals are a coarse bellow, sometimes spit out at a more frantic pace.

"Winter of Fear" has a more striking mood due to the pacing of the first two songs. It does speed up as the song progresses in a more death metal pacing. The female vocals that have floated under the roar come more to the fore front for "Nurture". The guitar also uses a cleaner tone and provides the album with a wider range of dynamics. Suppose these guys are filling the void left by Kylesa earlier this year, though they harken back to the band's earlier work. There is a mid paced groove to the chug of "the Ruiner".  While this riff has a convincing throb the vocals seem like they are bellowing out into the ether with not clear purpose and the drummer wants to break into something else. The jammy part toward the end of this song is pretty cool though.

They don't have to stick to metal as they prove themselves capable on tapping into some sonic beauty going into "Where the Sun Dies" . These guys also do a pretty job about getting to the point and writing concise songs with out dragging you along on an over indulgent drone fest. They take you from that sonic place to a more hellish pounding. They close with the eight minute "Kreator Destroyer". After a minute of atmosphere they fake you out with some pounding for dying down into a clean tone.When things get heavy they wallow around in a outburst of emoting from a oddly angry place that doesn't feel extroverted. I'll round this guy up to a 9, it's a ton of fun and worth multiple listens.

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